Wednesday, January 27, 2010

End of January 2010- wow!

What's happened since last post:
We had a great winter thaw, about two weeks of weather in the balmy 30's, much welcomed in January, we can still see our driveway pavement! and even some grass in the front yard!  And the lake isn't froze yet ! Triumph!
I kind of put the blog aside as there's much to be done around here in the offseason, taxes, taxes, taxes, backups, decluttering, reorganizing, cleaning, and the list goes on. A little overwhelming to say the least.

Tonight is the Ish Suicide Bowl Ski jumps. If you haven't gone, it's really cool. These youngsters jump off a ski jump and fly through the air, the competition is held at night. It will be brutally cold. Perfect for ice conditions!