Tuesday, June 30, 2009

barely breaking 50 and drizzling

Have to turn the heat on again, it's so cold. Only in da UP, LOL. This big wound up low kicked our butts this past weekend with winds topping out at 50mph at our show in Mn. Weather is definitely the trump card in outdoor art shows. The booth held,(just barely- the pork chop lady wasn't so lucky) but you couldn't help getting seasick trying to look at the swaying artwork on the walls. Needless to say, our sales suffered as a result. It sure was nice to make it home safely after dodging a couple deer in Wisconsin as well...

eagle catching caught fish fishing in talonsEagle with it's catch

Driving to and from town today, I saw an eagle with a fish in it's talons fly overhead. These birds are amazing, to be able to pluck a fish out of water with greatly reduced visibility on a whitecap filled Lake Superior. Pic shown here is from another time when I was on a kayak, and observed an eagle, again, fishing. They make it look so easy.


  1. Just found your blog. I love your photographs and that I can check in and see new ones. Thank you.
    And you surfers! Wow! Amazing!
    Do you use a special kind of surfboard for the Great Lakes?

  2. thanks for the comment. Longboards are popular on the lakes- check out some of the lake surfing forums on the web.


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