Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lake Superior Blue Ice

After days of south winds and welcome record high temps yesterday(go figure after the cold cold winter we've had), it's time to stoke up the stove and resume our normal cold winter routine. We are now ensured that we will not see the pavement on our driveway until probably May(hope I'm a bit pessimistic here and not realistic!) as a nice iceskating rink smooth layer of slush ice has frozen up with a uniform consistency of oh, 3-5". I was hoping this warm weather would allow me to chip away at this mess, but the warmth didn't stay long enough.
The south winds have opened up Lake Superior nicely. We will hear the welcome return of waves tomorrow,, which will probably pound down the ice mountains quite a bit. I don't know how much surface ice has melted lakewide, as it's been too cloudy to get a good look at the satellite. Any shoreline facing southeast recieved a heaping of foot thick blue ice chunks over the past couple days. Pictured here is a more delicate breakup of pack ice only a couple inches thick. The sound that goes along with this type of ice is amazing as well, a sea of thousands of pieces of ice "tinkling" with the wind. Lake Superior is always ever changing.

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